Friday, October 19, 2012

A Pumpkin Sort of Day!

Friday, we thought we would do a brunch! We had pancakes, sausage, and coffee. I was super hungry by the time we ate, so I devoured my food. Our reason for the brunch was to celebrate autumn.

We were also celebrating by carving pumpkins. We got the pumpkins from our friendly neighbors who have a pumpkin patch. We bought a pumpkin carving set, so we were able to carve some pretty creative designs.

My brothers did a traditional Jack-O-Lantern face. Abigail did Sponge Bob (which is super epic!). Mum and I did a Tardis, because we're crazy Doctor Who fans (actually, my whole family is).

My mum was busy in the kitchen baking pumpkin pies, roasting pumpkin seeds, and she even made pumpkin bread pudding (which is my dad's favorite dessert).

It was a pumpkin sort of day!
Love, Cecily