Tuesday, January 12, 2010

California Vacation in Alphabet Format

A- Ate fish
B- Became a beach bum
C- California!!!
D- Disneyland
E- Eating - Lots and lots of fun food!
F- Fifteen passenger van was packed
G-Grandma and Grandpa came with us
I-  Indiana Jones ride my favorite!
J- Jack Sparrow - the new POtC character
K- Kodak theater - we saw it in Hollywood 
L- Los Angeles was crazy
N- Night time fireworks at Disneyland
O- Oranges in the backyard 
P-  Pirates of the Caribbean 
Q- Queasy in the car
R- Rides - lots of rides 
S-  Starbucks
T-  Time to eat - again.
U- Uh  I can't thank of anything 
V- Vacation
W-Watched a lot of movies at the house
X- Xylitol  - That has nothing to do with vacation - but there are only so many x words.
Y- Yawning  after a long day
Z- Zilch comes to mind