Tuesday, January 12, 2010

California Vacation in Alphabet Format

A- Ate fish
B- Became a beach bum
C- California!!!
D- Disneyland
E- Eating - Lots and lots of fun food!
F- Fifteen passenger van was packed
G-Grandma and Grandpa came with us
I-  Indiana Jones ride my favorite!
J- Jack Sparrow - the new POtC character
K- Kodak theater - we saw it in Hollywood 
L- Los Angeles was crazy
N- Night time fireworks at Disneyland
O- Oranges in the backyard 
P-  Pirates of the Caribbean 
Q- Queasy in the car
R- Rides - lots of rides 
S-  Starbucks
T-  Time to eat - again.
U- Uh  I can't thank of anything 
V- Vacation
W-Watched a lot of movies at the house
X- Xylitol  - That has nothing to do with vacation - but there are only so many x words.
Y- Yawning  after a long day
Z- Zilch comes to mind


  1. Very cute. I'm glad I had you do that activity, but I will admit that it does make me wish we were in California again! Maybe next year we can go back.

    Love you my sweet daughter. Good job!

  2. Hey Bugs! Awesome post. Keep up the blogging! : )

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  5. Very Cute Post Cecily Kate.

    I'm like your mom...it made me want to go to California again. We sure had fun didn't we? And the weather was wonderful. It is so beautiful there.

    Isn't blogging cool? I love it!