Monday, October 19, 2009

I love to watch Smallville

I love Smallville! I watch it with my brother and sister every night. Chloe  is my favorite. She's really smart. Chloe works for the newspaper.  It's called The Daily Planet. She wears cool clothes.

Is that outfit awesome or what?

Okay, I'm off to eat dinner!


  1. Hi Cecily! Isn't blogging fun? I'm sure you'll enjoy more and more as you go. It's a bit addicting actually. Chloe does dress cool. I'm not sure I'd wear that jacket, but it sure looks good on her. She's purdy!

    Love you.

  2. My baby's growing up (little tear on my face)! Blog like the wind Cecily, blog like the wind!


  3. thanks mom for falling me I love you so much

  4. thank dad for your comment on my blog

  5. Cecily...I am glad that you like to watch Smallville with your sister and brother. I have not watched that show...but I hear it is good.

    Yes, that outfit is very cool. I love the purple
    jacket with the brownish pants and top. She is cute. And so are you!

    Love, Gramsy