Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thunder Storms

We have had a lot of thunder storms. The lights went off when we were watching American Idol. It was not fun because every time the lights went off my brothers started to scream their faces off. They were going nuts running around the room being spastic!

The storms went through quickly and didn't do any damage. I wish I didn't have any fear of thunder storms. but I do. My mom and my sister love thunder storms. My mom goes outside when thunder storms start to strike. Isn't that nuts?



  1. I'm with you sis! Thunderstorms aren't any fun. Good post! Love ya. : )

  2. I am with you Cecily...I don't like storms either. Our lights went out too, but just for a very short time. I keep a flashlight by my bed, so I just got that out...but I didn't need it.

    It was fun seeing you yesterday. I am enjoy my new red laptop. (:>) That was so nice of you guys to give this to me.

    Have a great weekend. I love you lots!


  3. Oh I hate it when the lights go out at our house. I feel like I'm in one of those horror moives. LOL!

    You are right, your mom LOVES going out when there's a storm. She takes pics and puts them on twitter a lot! =)

    Lovely blog! ♥

  4. My dad loves thunderstorms. He goes outside and sits on our porch swing and watches the rain like it is a movie or something :). I usually don't mind them though.

  5. I am not a fan of thunderstorm either:)

  6. I LOVE you blog so cute! did you get it done somewhere?