Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Girl's Night Out - Oh Yeah!

On Friday, in the afternoon, we are leaving for a girls night out! What girls? My mom, my sister (Abigail) and me! This will be our third Girl's Night Out!

We'll probably eat out (it will be a weird time to eat, but we plan to snack all night!), and then go check in the hotel at about 3:30.

For snacks, we'll probably get some chips and candy, cheesy pretzels (Mom's favorite), and bottles of water.

Our favorite thing to do while at the hotel is watch TV! We don't have many channels at home, so we love to watch cooking, decorating, and fashion (Say Yes To the Dress).

At some point in the evening, we'll leave on a Starbucks run, and then go back for more TV!

It's a very relaxing time!

I'll post pictures when we're back!


  1. Wish I could go!! I have 2 funerals to go to this weekend. Hope you guys have tons of fun. Take lots of pictures of you all doing silly stuff {especially your mom, cuz she's the silliest, right?} Aunt Lisa

  2. Thanks Aunt lisa and yes we well take a lot of pictures an yes she is the silliest of us.

  3. Have a ton of fun my little butterscotch brownie!
    My little French little sweet pea!!!!

    I think you girls deserve some play time together.
    Take lots of pictures like Aunt Lisa said and have a blast!

    Love, Gramsy

  4. Thanks Gramsy
    thanks and yes we well take pictures and we will have a blast.

  5. Girls night out is always so much fun!

    You have a beautiful blog, Katie. :)


    In Christ,