Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tell me one thing you like the most about Fall.

Tell me one thing you like most about fall!

Do you like to sit by the window and drink a cup of coffee? Read a book? Listen to music?

Let me know!

I like to do all those things. I also like to watch the leaves fall and think about how beautiful God's creation is.



  1. I love everything about fall Cecily Kate!!!!
    Colorful leaves, rainy days, cups of tea, reading a good book by the fireplace! I love seeing pumpkins and fall harvest displays everywhere...and I love Branson in the fall! We are having fun here on our trip with Toni Steinbuchel and her daughter Kerri!

    I miss you! Love, Grams

  2. Hey Cecily,
    I have been reading your moms blog for a couple of years or so, and your sisters for awhile too so now you know your mom MOM british girl you mum lol no I am just kidding. Anyway so now I will say my favorite thing about fall is walking outside and seeing all the beautiful fall leaves. Lots of that here in Oregon, or maybe its the next season is Jesus birthday or maybe its 3 seasons from now it will be my favorite season summer. :) Have a blessed week Cecila